Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Weight off my Shoulders

Yesterday and today morning I finished the last big part of the game before final completion and testing: I finished the game controller scripts that controlled three of the five game modes. The Rain and Search and Rescue game modes required two game controller scripts. These control how the enemies are spawned as well as the humans in the Search and Rescue modes. The game controller scripts turn themselves on or off depending on what mode the player selects in the start menu scene.

So the final pieces are getting finished and the game is turning out very nicely. This afternoon I also implemented an incredible tool for collecting analytics for your game. The tool is called Lumos ( )and allows you to get detailed information about your game or app users within minutes of setting it up. It works seamlessly with Unity, just import a .unityasset file and enter in your secret code. The best part is it is completely free. The analytics allows you to see the OS your players are using, their RAM, CPU, total players, new players, and so much more.


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