Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Idea and Story

So first thing is first, It's Raining Zombies is a twin stick shooter created in Unity 3D that will be initially released on the Android Operating System. I have been solely developing this game for more than a year now.The game was inspired by mobile games like Minigore and Guerilla Bob as well as Minecraft.

Preparing for battle.
The story is set in a modern day zombie apocalypse: after a horrific car crash the driver is stuck by lightning and zombies of all kinds rain from the sky leading to mass pandemonium. You and your friends have set up temporary shelter in one corner of the town but you are the only one brave enough defend the town. Set out to defend your home town. With the support of some of your neighbors, who have decided to capitalize on the sudden outbreak, destroy all the moaning monsters!

IRZ started out as a simple idea in my head: 1 character, 1 map, a few guns, and lots of zombies. But a year later, it has grown to be much more than that. The game now features 3 characters each with their own strengths, 2 completely different maps with 6 game modes total, 6 guns including a mini gun, and 5 zombies.

Townees capitalizing on the situation.


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