Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meet Your Enemies

The enemies, one of the most critical parts of the game. The user will be seeing these guys everywhere so it's best to make these as solid as possible. It's Raining Zombies has 5 different enemy zombies, each one with their own special attributes, each one with a reason to be feared. The enemies are driven by Unity's Nav Mesh Agent. This allows them to efficiently navigate towards the player without getting stuck behind a wall as a normal follow might do.

Let's go in depth with these guys:

Enemy 1: 

This friendly face is the first enemy you will encounter, not too fast, not too hard too kill. Easy, right? That's until they decide to bring all their friends. This enemy is a master at being able to swarm around a player until there is nothing to do but fire your last bullets and die.

Enemy 2:

This business man is dressed for the job at hand, to get your brain. Slightly faster and twice as  strong compared to his cousin, Enemy 1, he will lead to your downfall.

Enemy 3:

He may be slow but this zombie uses his size to his advantage. Able to simply absorb many bullets without flinching, you better be armed with more than a started pistol if you don't want to be crushed.

Enemy 4:

What happens when the police become zombies? Let's just say that you should be near the health shop when this guy decides to show up. Fully equipped with a tracking system and an unlimited supply of ammo, this is truly the police officer from death.

Enemy 5:

This orange beast is incredibly quick, you'll need to be a pretty sharp shooter because a few missed bullets could be lethal.


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